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COVID Case Dashboard

Shared Spaces

SSU has refined the places with shared airspace by grouping the spaces where appropriate. Areas where natural separation of walls, windows, or glass structures occur designate separation of space. Areas that will not be included are hallways, pathways, or common areas that an individual moves through as a transitory space. 

Examples of these shared air spaces that will begin to be reported are:

  • Salazar 2050 - Academic Affairs and Administration and Finance Suite

  • Salazar 2030 - President’s Office and Advancement Suite

  • Schulz 1000 - IT Suite

  • Salazar 1000 - Seawolf Services

Individual and small department offices

Exclusions to this identification apply when the area is an easily identifiable space that has a natural separation. In the Case Information list below, it will read “Occupants Directly Notified” and individuals in that suite will be personally notified by the COVID Monitoring Team. 

Individual and personal notifications

Individuals with direct sustained interaction that are reported to the COVID Monitoring Team during an exposure investigation, will be notified by the COVID Monitoring Team as a courtesy. Direct sustained interactions are those interactions where individuals who are within six feet of an individual for fifteen or more consecutive minutes during their high-risk period. This notification is no longer required by public health orders, however, in efforts to remain information and transparent we are continuing to provide these notifications as a courtesy.

Regulatory Disclosures

In compliance with medical privacy rules, SSU will not release any identifying information involving the private healthcare of one of our campus community members. Information on COVID-19 leave and benefit information for employees can be found on the Human Resources website. This notice is sent pursuant to Labor Code section 6409.6

Case Information

Risk Management and Safety Services retains approximately 90 days worth of cases within this dashboard. Cases are sorted by the "Date of Notification" column. 

Date of ExposureStart TimeEnd TimeBuildingOffice/LocationDate of Notification
July 131:30 PM10:00 PMCorporation YardCorporation Yard7/16/2024
July 128:00 AM5:00 PMSalazar HallHuman Resources and Faculty Affairs Suite (2078)7/16/2024
July 128:00 AM4:30 PMSalazar HallAdministration and Finance and Academic Affairs Suite (2050)7/16/2024
July 118:00 AM5:00 PMSalazar HallHuman Resources and Faculty Affairs Suite (2078)7/16/2024
July 118:00 AM12:30 PMSalazar HallAdministration and Finance and Academic Affairs Suite (2050)7/16/2024
July 92:30 PM3:00 PMSalazar HallAdministration and Finance and Academic Affairs Suite (2050)7/16/2024
July 99:00 AM11:00 PMStudent CenterSecond Floor7/16/2024
July 89:00 AM2:00 PMSalazar HallPresident's Office and University Advancement Suite (2030)7/16/2024
July 88:00 AM5:00 PMPerson TheaterPerson Theater07/09/2024
June 69:00 AM5:00 PMRecreation CenterRecreation Center6/11/2024
May 1812:30 PM5:00 PMGreen Music CenterSchroeder Hall - Lobby5/24/2024
May 185:00 PM8:00 PMGreen Music CenterWeill Hall - Lobby5/24/2024
May 1811:45 AM12:15 PMGreen Music CenterPrelude5/24/2024
May 187:30 AM12:30 PMGreen Music CenterWeill Hall5/24/2024
May 168:00 AM4:30 PMSchulz Information CenterFirst Floor - IT SuiteN/A
May 1512:00 PM4:30 PMSchulz Information CenterFirst Floor - Library5/17/2024
May 158:00 AM5:00 PMSchulz Information CenterDisability Services for Students (1010)5/17/2024