Emergency Services

Sonoma State University is responsible for protecting the lives and property of every person on the campus in the event of an emergency. It is also necessary that we preserve an environment suitable for the orderly conduct of our educational function. The University must be prepared at all times to respond to circumstances and situations that would adversely affect the ability of the University to fulfill these responsibilities.

The SSU Emergency Management Program establishes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities to ensure the effective management of campus operations during emergency situations. Additionally, the organization provides direction for disseminating emergency public information, establishing emergency communications, developing alerting procedures, and assessing and reporting damage. Police & Parking Services also maintains the University Emergency Plan.

Emergencies can happen at any time.  How you respond is related to how well you are prepared. All employees receive a brochure entitled SSU Emergency Procedures. Stop by the Police Services building for your copy if you would like a quick guide on how to respond to various emergencies including earthquakes, fires, bomb threat and crimes in progress.

Visit the Emergency Services Website